Integrated Dry Yeast System

One of the most widely produced yeasts is dry yeast. Dry yeasts have entered our lives due to the fresh yeast difficulty in storage and the limited time of usage. Drying is also used in yeast manufacture which is one of the most useful methods that human beings discover. Dry yeast has a longer shelf life and more flexible storage conditions.

In addition, the volumetric majority of fresh yeast consists of water. If we compare, half as much dry yeast as fresh yeast will be enough to get the same bakery product. This provides the advantage of transport, delivery, presentation, and use. Misan Ltd.’s integrated dry yeast facility consists of mainly filtration, granulation and packaging processes.

We have been setting up our dry yeast facilities with great care, with long years of knowledge and experience. Yeast production requires very fine and precise adjustment and needs different calibration according to each climate and atmospheric condition. Such a difficult production balance can only be provided, with high-level knowledge and know-how. As we are Misan Ltd. always on the side of yeast-producer enterprises against all challenges.