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Yeast Production

Food Components and Enhancers Industrialists Association Chairman of the Board Dr. Duruk: “Bakery yeast has been the only product whose demand has increased for 3 consecutive weeks in retail. Our factories are currently operating at full capacity and will continue to operate at full capacity unless the production logistics chain is broken.”

Food Components and Developers Industrialists Association Chairman of the Board Dr. Mehmet Çetin Duruk stated that the yeast, whose demand increased due to the citizens spending their time at home within the scope of the new type of coronavirus (Kovid-19) measures, continues to be produced at full capacity.

Duruk, in a statement to the AA correspondent, stated that the fight against Kovid-19 continues all over the world, and that Turkey is keeping a tight grip on this issue.

Stating that the citizens followed the call of the authorities to "Stay at home" in the fight against the epidemic, and in this context, they started to produce bread at home, Duruk stated that there was an increase in dry and fresh yeast sales compared to the same period of the previous year.

Emphasizing that there was a remarkable increase in the demand for yeast when they compare March with the same period of the previous year, Duruk said, “In March, when the process started, there was a significant increase in demand for yeast due to consumer purchases for stocking purposes, as in products such as cologne, toilet paper and flour. When we evaluate the demand for baker's yeast, we see that the demand has increased.

Pointing out that the increase in demand continued in April, Durgun continued as follows:

“A similar trend has been experienced in the European Union and the USA. Since a similar picture will be experienced in April, and then consumption will be realized rather than stock, demand is expected in amounts close to last year's values. The biggest difference is in the transitions between the segments.”